One More Rep: Functional Training

Begins Monday, October 4th!

This 6 week all-digital course is packed with mini versions of personal training sessions I've been instructing to my clients for almost 13 years. 

It's aim is to focus on 5 categories found in functional training, ensuring that your body is stronger and working more efficiently with less pain. 

I believe if you work hard, you deserve to play. So, at the end of each week, we'll end with a rest, recovery, and wine session

No big equipment is required; just an empty wine bottle and your yoga mat. 


I want to sweat, strengthen & sip!

No Exercise Equipment Required

Each exercise session will consist of movement patterns strategically paired to assist in calorie burn while increasing muscle definition.

All of this with zero exercise equipment needed!

Nutrition Recommendations 

What you make in the kitchen outweighs time spent in the gym!

This program will assist in creating better eating habits to target your body composition goals while improving your exercise performance.

Rest & Recovery

Let each session be an inspiration to get things done! But, with all hard work comes necessary time to recover. 

We'll focus on mental health at the end of each week with a rest and recovery session which includes a glass of wine.

The Tools You Need To Build A Healthy Lifestyle

Get ready to commit.

You’re here for the long game!

One More Rep: Functional Training is not meant to be a quick fix! This 6 week program is meant to develop realistic strategies towards a healthier lifestyle you can maintain for life. You'll learn to create attainable habits, then build off of your achievements through education and consistency.

Cheers To You

You work hard, so play hard.

Let's sweat, strengthen & sip together!

I'm all about balance, and that's exactly what this program is all about.

Let's cheers to you waking up every morning and working hard, to making your own money, who wants to drink more water and exercise regularly, to being loyal and pursues inner happiness. Let's cheers to you committing to 6 weeks of hard work for personal growth. You've got this!

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Activate your body composition goals and get ready to relish in your hard work and results.

Let's do this!

I want to sweat, strengthen & sip!